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Reliance Globalcom’s Hybrid VNO approach is on message for Acision

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Reliance Globalcom’s Hybrid VNO approach is on message for Acision


Acision subscribes to Reliance Globalcom’s highly scalable, fully secure global network solution


 Reliance Globalcom, a leading global provider of managed network and application delivery services for multinational enterprises, carriers and service providers, today announced that it has been awarded a three-year contract by Acision – a world leader in mobile data – to design, implement and manage its new global Wide Area Network (WAN), m

anaged security and hosting solution.


Reliance Globalcom will implement a truly hybrid Ethernet, MPLS and Internet VPN solution across 33 locations in 23 countries across the world, with sites ranging from data centres to small offices. In addition to the managed network, the solution includes a fully managed Firewall Security Service and Proxy Server Hosting.


Acision needed a solution which would meet the demands of its rapidly expanding global business. Reliance Globalcom’s Hybrid multi-carrier VNO solution will replace their current single carrier MPLS network and provide Acision with the agility to effortlessly scale their network over time to meet these needs, whilst maintaining a high quality of service availability and assurance.


Reliance Globalcom was selected for their ability to provide a best-of-breed technology fit for each of the locations around the world, backed by consistent SLAs and a superior service wrap, all under one point of management, reducing dependency on internal resources and improving cost-effectiveness.


“Reliance Globalcom’s consultative approach has provided us with a solution that has the scope to grow and reshape as our business expands and develops,” says Lindsay Miller, VP, ICT at Acision. “The single point of management will free up our internal resources to focus on business development activities, and providing long term cost-efficiencies.”


“We are delighted that Acision has chosen to work us,” says Tom Homer, Reliance Globalcom Managing Director, UK & Nordics. “The relationship shows the real value of our consultative approach and the flexibility of our Hybrid VNO solution.”